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“Crack is Wack”

You gotta let go or it’ll only get worse/I remember when I was in your position, I said the same words/But I realized that life is too short for me to be miserable/Every guy I ever dated was playin me hard, I know/It’s hard, trust me I’ve been through it all/But you cant jus start walkin without knowin how to crawl/Point is we all fall down, but can you get back up?/I kno the pain inside makes your heart wanna erupt/But trust me please, this is my plea/I refuse to watch another broken heart end up like me/Lost and confused, man im a mess/But I changed cause I got tired of bein stressed/We’re only teens tryin to make everything work/Our lives haven’t even started and we’re givin up/We learn to hate before we learn to love/Always troubled by that emotion, but can never get enough/Sometimes we jus gotta stop everything and break away/I delt with the pain by letting go, I went ghost and strength is what I pray/So what are you gonna do?  \P@nd@(>o<)monium/

"Street Lights"

  • "Roses are red viloets are blue/Does anyone else remember writing this in school?/Honestly i never wrote my poems like that when i started out/I was always describing an image or what the poem was about/My poems ended up turning into songs/Who knew that music would come along/Knocking at my door telling me to do more/Now here i am one year later with a band/Even though its just two of us, music said take my hand/And i'll guide the way just never put down your pen/And so i wrote until i got to the very end/When there was nothing left to say..."

  • \P@nd@(>o<)monium/

"Pop Rocks and Soda"

Verse 1:

 Hey you there, i’ve got something to tell you

 Lately we have been growing pretty close

 From the first day we met, you had caught my eye

 DId i ever catch yours?

 And from then on we became best friends

 But i supressed some things that i thought would end

 But instead it built over time and i gotta let it loose



 When i’m walking down the street

 I close my eyes

 And i think about your love raining on me

 When i’m walking down the street

I lose my mind

 Cause i can’t stop missing you, oh baby



 Cause sparks start to fly

 And i start to shiver

 You’re on my mind

 Even when i try to drown you out

 It just never works

 So i scream and shout


Verse 2:

 High school came along, and we kinda went separate ways

 Until i walked in class and i saw your face

 i tried to say hello, but the words wouldn’t come out

 I was speechless

 And the daydreams started about you and me

 I tried to tell you, but i didn’t know what to do

 My heart started racing and my feelings would intrude




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